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CarvinWalls_Lucky Enough

Help us to blow this song up so we can reach every single person who NEEDS to hear this song just like you did!

Our GOAL is to reach 10,000 pre sales! Can we count on you to be one of them and to help us get the word out!?


We appreciate and encourage any and all ways of hearing the song once it is out, however, if you truly want to show your support please DOWNLOAD the song as well as stream it! Artists and songwriters get paid fractions of a penny for every stream verses a download (where the money is given directly to the creators)! As many of you know, Keith (one of the co-writers) unfortunately passed away shortly after writing this song and we want to make sure his family is taken care of! <3


In the meanwhile, check out our previously released songs! That way when you come to the "Lucky Enough Tour", you can sing along to all of our songs!!! We are on all music platforms but here are few quick links to some of the most popular ones:


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Thank you for your continued support!

We LOVE YA'LL!!!!!

-Kelly & Troy

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