It’s just 2 of us tonight, but it’s gunna be 3 in the morning.” A lyric that speaks not of the time of day, but a moment in time. Carvin Walls shares their cheerful version of this age-old tale, of the miracle of love and life, after having their first baby. They make it simple, honest, quaint, and profound. They make it country!! Just like you can’t explain the first time locking eyes with a miracle, you can’t just hear “3 in the Morning"; you feel it!


"Carvin Walls delivers another country hit with “3 In The Morning” Every mom and dad have lived this song and it’s a reminder that our lives really only begin after we bring our own children into the world." - Dennis Banka (WUCZ 104.1 The Ranch)


“I have been following Carvin Walls and their career for a couple of years, ‘3 In The Morning’ is a HIT and by far one of my FAVORITE SONGS of theirs. The single is wonderfully done, and as a mother, hits home in so many ways." - Melissa McGlaun (KYYK)


"This song hit's ya right in the feels if your a parent and or grandparent! It took me back to the days of my first child. And what a great music video! Carvin Walls sets life to music." - Buzz Russell (KNES)