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      In thinking about the possibilities in music, one might ask the question as to how a Hippie chic from New Jersey and a Country music man from West Virginia could come together and create one of the most unique sounding Country albums of 2019?  To answer that question simply indulge yourself in the newly released music of Carvin Walls!  Their album titled “Between Us” hit the market on January 18th and it is one of the best albums that I have listened to in a long time.

      As I made the drive to Nashville, I listened to “Between Us” nonstop.  Taking mental notes of the uniqueness in each song’s lyrics, as well as the voices behind them, Kelly (formerly “Carvin”) and Troy Walls.  I was on the edge of my drivers’ seat anticipating the first opportunity to see them perform live at their album release party at the Douglas Corner Café.  I could hear the sass in Kelly’s voice and just couldn’t wait to see her and Troy on stage that evening......



          Kelly and I sat down to talk to country duo Carvin Walls (it was 3 Kellys in one room!). I met Kelly Carvin 9 years ago on tour when she lived in NJ. She’s been on quite a journey since then that has led her to her incredible new album with her musical partner Troy Walls. I was so impressed and entertained by their story of how they came to create, fund, write and perform this album. To me this conversation sparks what this series is all about. The life journeys it takes to make art.

Listen to the episode below:

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