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Meet Carvin Walls!



                  Kelly Carvin Walls and Troy Walls both made the move to Nashville around the same time to pursue their own music careers. They met at a writers round, started writing together and the magic between them happened instantly. With all of the new found excitement around them, it was clearly time to make it official and become a duo. Since they have joined forces, they have played over 500 shows, written nearly 400 songs and were nominated for both "Shooting Star Award" and "Duo of the Year" in The Nashville Universe Awards (2014) and nominated again for Duo of the Year in 2015.


                  What makes this duo so special? The two are stark opposites and it works - really well! Kelly, raised on rock n’ roll has been a solo, indie artist since she was 16, playing clubs in and around the North East. Since her move to Nashville, Kelly has been noted as a “Writer To Watch” with NSAI. Troy, on the other hand, has been playing country venues throughout the eastern US, singing and writing country songs since he was 7 years old. 


               Despite their individual talents, the two can agree they have never been apart of something quite like this! The combination of Kelly’s pop/rock melodies, Troy’s country storytelling and a splash of soul coming from both sides, makes way for great songs with a fresh splash of motown/rnb mixed with country. Not only do they create great songs, but their individually unique voices and style, together, create a sound that country music has yet to encounter - until now.










CarvinWalls Logo

    Carvin Walls is a married country duo based out of Nashville, TN!  Kelly (formally Carvin) Walls and Troy Walls are a powerhouse duo that could only be created in the heart of Music City! Kelly, a sassy, fun Jersey girl who played professionally in the NJ tri-state area as a pop/rock, hippie singer/songwriter, and Troy Walls, a down to earth country boy from West Virginia who was playing the Ohio river valley while making regular trips to Nashville for songwriting, both officially made the move to Nashville, TN in 2012. Shortly after, they met at a songwriters round and started writing together! The magic between them happened instantly! They began to play songwriter rounds together, and soon officially became the duo everyone was talking about! 


       What is so special about this country duo? They are vastly different from each other and somehow, some way, it works! Kelly, raised in NJ on rock n’ roll and pop while Troy was raised in WV on traditional country; both loving the craft of songwriting, and the sounds of motown and r&b, they combine their style into an oddly perfect combination! It’s fun, it’s clever, and it’s COUNTRY! Their debut album “Between Us” has been reaching fans across the country, with tons of requests on radio and a huge outpour of love and support! It has just the right mix of fresh, fun and real for fans to latch on to! Their album “Between Us” debuted at #59 on Itunes Country Album charts, and they were nominated for the 2019 NIMA Awards for “Duo of the Year” and “Performers of the year”! Their single “Sometimes I Lie” reached top 100 and “Hippie” top 80 for 6 weeks on Music Row Charts. 


   The couple had baby Ryder in March of 2020, and like any good duo would do, they wrote a song about it! They recently released the official music video for “3 in the Morning” filled with heartwarming family footage of pregnancies, announcements and babies, babies and more babies!  The single was released in April of 2021 and is available for download and streaming on all major platforms. The couple is now gearing up to get back on the road to a show near you! Stay tuned ya’ll!

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