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About Us

Carvin Walls (Kelly (formally Carvin) Walls, and Troy Walls are a powerhouse duo that could only be created in the heart of Music City! Kelly, a raw, rebellious Jersey girl, and Troy Walls, a down to earth country boy from West Virginia both made the move to Nashville, TN to pursue their music careers in 2012. They met at a writers round shortly after, started writing together and the magic between them happened instantly. They began to play songwriter rounds together, backing each other up with harmonies and guitar parts. Soon, word spread around about the new duo in town! But, there was one problem: they technically were not a duo and they both continued to declare independence as separate artists despite everyone ranting and raving about them. So what made them change their minds and officially become a duo? When asked the duo responded: “It was beyond obvious to everyone who heard us that we had something very special together, and we knew it. It was just a matter of admitting it to ourselves. No matter what we did or said, people would still put us together as a duo! So, needless to say, we took it at as a sign and have been rolling with it ever since. Truth is, we are happy this way and cannot imagine this journey without each other.”


What is so special about this country duo? They are vastly different from each other and somehow, some way, it works! Kelly, raised on rock n’ roll and pop has been pursuing her career as a solo indie pop/rock artist for the past 8 years; playing clubs in and around the North East. Troy, on the other hand, has been playing clubs in the south, singing and writing country songs since he was 10 years old. When the two come together as writers, it mixes pop rock and country in a very organic way with a splash of soul reminiscent of Mo-Town. They were nominated for Duo of the Year in both 2014 and 2015 for the Nashville Universe Awards, as well as the Shooting Star award in 2014. They are releasing their first album together March 25, 2015.



It's finally here! "Between Us" from Carvin Walls, featuring: "Swingin' it", "Hell of a Drug", & "Sometimes I lie" is available for download.


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